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Show Trial’s a’Comin’?


A recent web comment reflected an apparent Obama decision to forgo political show trials for member(s) of the previous administration. My response shows that I am less than convinced that it’ll “stick”.

Well, at least we have that. Surprising though.

Hmmm. Do we have that? I wonder.

I am not the only one that believes that Obama is more idealogue than pragmatist. With half the country despising him (conservative), and a wilting left side of the equation (liberal), it will be interesting to see whether he can tack to the center quickly enough to offset the loss on the left. Remember, it is early in his administration. He knows that public support is beginning to collapse as the economy implodes, and no degree of “pie in the sky” happy talk is going to stop that. He’s way overspent, and the stimulus package isn’t working (though only six percent of those stimulus packages have made it into the economy so far). The bulk of his/their profligacy isn’t due to be squandered till before the midterm elections. By that time the collapse will well and truly be a disaster.

He’s already setting the basis for vastly increasing taxes, though this is !exactly! the wrong thing to do in a faltering economy. Truly, he cannot raise taxes enough to make a dent in the debt that’s in the process of creation. Print more money? That’s a given, if the Chicoms allow it. When will the tsunami of inflation hit? I can’t tell you, but it’s coming as sure as the sun will rise. There’s not a solution now, even if he was a pragmatist. The only action available (as ineffectual as that is), is happy economic talk while all of the indicators accelerate downwards. What’s left? More happy talk and a desperate need to get the focus of the public off of the conflagration that is burning through the financial underpinnings that still give marginal support to what is left of an economy.

He is mentioning the previous administration more than he ever did, as the cause of the nation’s grief. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet re. a show trial of some sort.

Consider, as the left sours on his desperate attempt to tack right, there’ll come a time when his total support trends south as well. That’s when the political showboating will begin in earnest.

A socialist will take your money.

A Marxist will arrest you.

A communist will kill you.

What “flavors” of leftism do you suppose we’ll witness over the next two years? This is the start of a great political “life lesson” for my children. They can see it coming. They’re already preparing for the economic dissection. Disasters teach.

National Socialism Comes To STL

Fox News via Youtubefaaspostersmallhandsup 

Knock Knock 

Who’s there? 


Gestapo who? 

We will ask the questions! 

I had thought that the Missouri troubles were finished, but now they seem to have reared their heads again, this time at Lambert (St. Louis International). I am not entirely convinced that this should be placed in the militia category, or a run of the mill cash seizure associated with suspected drug activity (it’s probably a combination of both). What I am convinced of, is that the incident at STL was a blatant violation of constitutional rights, since the TSA was freaked out enough to arrest the unfortunate traveler. 

It probably did not help matters at all that this fellow was carrying a stack of third party bumper stickers (!RON PAUL!). Given the militia memo discussed in the previous article, this seems to put the arrestee in a very suspicious light. Perhaps the TSA had read that memo. Who knows? 

This is what comes of conferring authority, without adult supervision. The incident, which would do Barney Fife proud, is reminiscent of the debacle that occurred in PHX (again with the TCA), in which Major/Governor Richard Bong was detained by the TCA for trying to carry his (horrors!) Congressional Medal of Honor onto the concourse. Again, another “Fife moment”. Does anyone take these “authorities” seriously? 

Airline professionals certainly don’t, and that’s a stone cold fact. Educational and performance standards are quite different between the two groups, which accounts for the low opinion. Truth be told, upper level law enforcement folks like the FBI and Secret Service have the same opinion of the TSA types. The hiring standards are just not the same, so this sort of foolishness is not unexpected. 

What’s interesting, if you listen to the 25+ minutes of the audio recording, is that the TSA folks become far less belligerent and more mannerly as they interface with non-TSA law enforcement types. Interesting, but perhaps not surprising. 

This all belies the illusion of security that our government is spending a lot of money on, but that’s another story.

Note: The full 25+ minutes is available via the icon below. 


The Missouri Militia, Which Ones We Talkin’ About?

Missouri Militia

From a rather early age I’ve taken an interest in the militia. However, in recent years the term has taken on a rather odious meaning. But it was not always that way. In our nation’s founding documents, the militia is mentioned prominently. Consider the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights. The militia is front and center. I won’t go into interpreting the Constitution lest someone mistake me for a lawyer and quite probably do me bodily harm.

All I’m trying to point out is that the militia is an honorable concept. Many state constitutions and statutes reference their particular form of the militia. And for those that contend the militia is the National Guard, that’s true, but it’s not the whole truth. In recent years it has “branched out”, and the original meaning of the word seems to have been lost. The increasing population of the historically challenged have felt compelled to apply the PC treatment to that venerable term – militia.

What follows is a letter I wrote to an official in the State of Missouri regarding a somewhat interesting memo that went out to their law enforcement folks. I’ve included a copy of the letter and the memo. It’s a little early to tell if I’ll get an answer, but when you send a courteous letter, you often get a response. We shall see what sort of fruit the following email bears (if any).

Note: It’s quite possible that the memo is a complete fabrication, and I’ve been duped! I actually hope that this is the case. Conversely, for a number of reasons, I’m also concerned that it is authentic. I’ll know soon enough.

Update 3-29-09

Well,  whaddaya’ know? Looks like Mr. Middleton’s article,  and the procedures at MIAC have been repudiated. New oversight has been implemented by the higher-ups. Still no reply from Mr. Middleton.  I may have to give up on this one.

  1. State drops warnings over ‘militia’ members

Dear Mr. Middleton,

I had an opportunity to read a circular titled, “MIAC STRATEGIC REPORT, 02/20/09, The Modern Militia Movement”, which had your email address in case a comment was offered.

While the report did not contain a great deal of new information regarding militias, and (in my opinion) it had quite a lot of information that wasn’t terribly pertinent to militia groups in general (like bumper stickers ?!?! What was that all about?), I found it to be a somewhat cursory review of the issues driving these disaffected groups. It would make a good basis for a more comprehensive article on the subject in the future, as I think we both agree it is an interesting subject.

I grew up in southeast Nebraska back in the 50’s, and had already left for college when Richardson County had some incidents with folks that referred to themselves as “militia” (you might check whatever law enforcement archives you have access to on this). From what I was able to gather, these folks sounded more like a group of organized homicidal criminals than what my understanding of a militia was. In any event, I didn’t worry about it since I didn’t live there anymore.

Later, as an airline pilot, I was engaged in a discussion in the pilot’s lounge with another pilot who was/is a resident of Missouri (back in the early 80’s). He was bemoaning the presence of these boorish militia members in his home state. I dredged up a bit of ancient knowledge and commented that it seemed like just about every able bodied citizen of the state of Missouri was considered to be a member of the organized or unorganized militia (I include a copy of Missouri Revised Statutes at the bottom of this email for your edification). While he was rather incredulous about this, he did stop me the next time he saw me passing down the concourse,  and thanked me for the civics lesson I had provided. Sure enough, he had looked it up and found he was also a member of the militia in Missouri and didn’t even know it. Whataya think about that?

I guess what I’m wondering about is this. Given that your office has circulated this article to Missouri law enforcement, how do you expect the officers of your state to distinguish between the “Unorganized Militia” (of which you are probably a member, according to 41.050), and the “militia” that this article was written about? The report neither mentions the legitimate unorganized militias, nor does it contrast the legitimate unorganized militia to the (apparently) illegitimate militia. Is there a possibility that there might be some confusion, on the part of Missouri law enforcement, as to the difference between these two entities that call themselves militias? Obviously, not all militias are bad, according to your state’s statutes which seems to encourage them.

I mean, if I was a civically inclined member of the “unorganized militia” within the Great State of Missouri, I might take a bit of offense if some member of law enforcement started asking around about me. Seems to me that the Coast Guard Auxiliary or the Civil Air Patrol might merit similar attention in that they are also a paramilitary organization operating within some states. What’s a conscientious law enforcement officer to do if no distinction has been drawn in an official report like the one you’ve sent out?

As one who’s paid some attention over the years to the militia within Missouri, might I suggest that a clarification regarding the difference between militia and the “unorganized militia” as specified in state law, be circulated to your state law enforcement folks?

Not trying to make trouble. Just asking the question. If you have the time, I would appreciate any commentary you might provide, to satisfy my own curiosity on this matter.


Mark Stappenbeck

Missouri Revised Statutes

41.050. The militia of the state shall include all able-bodied citizens and all other able-bodied residents, who, in the case of the unorganized militia and the Missouri reserve military force, shall be more than seventeen years of age and not more than sixty-four, and such other persons as may upon their own application be enrolled or commissioned therein, and who, in the case of the organized militia, shall be within the age limits and possess the physical and mental qualifications prescribed by law or regulations for the reserve components of the armed forces of the United States, except that this section shall not be construed to require militia service of any persons specifically exempted by the laws of the United States or the state of Missouri.

An Arab With Cajones! Nofel al Jazairi

This was published in the Kurdistan Times, and translated via Free Republic. Looks like there may yet be hope for the Arab World if men like this can survive in it.


Prominent Iraqi Rips Arab Supporters of Shoe-Throwing Reporter
Kurdistan Times ^ | Monday, December 15, 2008 | Nofel al Jazairi

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2008 1:23:47 PM by kristinn

If You Do Not Have a Religion and Are Not Afraid of the End…Then Be Arabs…

The words of Imam Hussein peace be upon him remain eternal when he was addressing the Ommayyad Arab army. What he is said is the following. The Arab does not kill his prisoner, does not insult his guest, do not assault women, does not kill children. It is the Arabic honor and manhood.

When Islam came I read a lot of the beautiful qualities that distinguished the Arab, but they killed Imam Hussein, and deported his families and children and there was no other person on the planet beside himself to be the grandson of the prophet, so imagine.

When you read the Arab history the tragedy repeats itself, and so does the violation of human rights, the violation of the forbidden, the violation of religion all under our so called Arab history although history is written by the ruler in the name of Allah.

But it becomes clear on the pages of the Arab history images that make the fair Arab be ashamed to be related to this history, but it appears that these shameful images have become the pride of some people and it was incarnated by some people from generation after another and it was very clear after the removal of the criminal Saddam from his rat hole–this criminal who brought the Iraqis into wars that they have nothing to benefit from and he pushed four millions Iraqi citizens into Diaspora all around the world. The pictures of millions of his victims were all over the media, but he remain the pride of some people!!!

I want to talk about an Arab ruler here and expose his positions just for reminder because unfortunately we forget very quickly and here lie the tragedies. If we remember we repeat the motto “May Allah forgive the past”!!! this motto that brought us woes and destruction.

My honored brethren

Egypt is the pumping heart of Arabism as some people like to call her. Egypt sent millions of Egyptians during the Iraq-Iran war to fill the void that was caused to Iraq and the Iraqis by the dirty fool who fought defending the so called Arab nation against the Persian invasion!!! The Iraq was dying defending the Arab nation but the Egyptian was replacing him in daily normal life!!!

When the United States decided to remove Saddam the regime of murderers in Baghdad then Hussnei Moubarak barked his famous words: “America liberates her enemies!!!” And he tried with all his international capacities to prevent the United States from liberating Iraq from the regime of murderers. His speeches were made public and they are not hidden.

Today, Egypt the pumping heart of Arabism has became the sanctuary to the enemies of the Iraqi people. From Egypt came the Channel of “Michaan Al Jabouri” who incited the killing of the Iraqi people. From it came the “Al Baghdadia Channel” and here is what I personally followed up on regarding this Channel when I was in Baghdad seven months ago.

There was a program called “an edict session”. The cleric was a Sunni Iraqi as he called himself and he resides in Jordan. During the program the cleric sheikh addressed the following verse from Koran: “In the name of Allah the most merciful the most compassionate. Oh messenger; tell what was given to you from your Lord. If you do not do so then you have not given his message”. He explained the verse live on “Al Baghdadia” TV which is owned by Mr. “Tarek Al Hashimi” the Iraqi Vice President and the candidate from the Accord Front. The Sheikh said: “There are heretic groups who explained the verse based on the establishment of companion, and that is an attack against the prophet and the companion. The religion is the religion is the Sunni and there is no other religion but this one. Some who visit the tombs and worship someone other than Allah and that is called poly-deity”. I am not here in a position to comment and he who wants to verify these statements that “Al Baghdadida” channel broadcast on 5/13/2008 in their program “an edict session” then let him correspond with “Al Baghdadia” channel and verify it himself. I do not want to talk a lot about the member of the “Accord Front” like “Zafer Al Aani” the representative of the people in the parliament or his colleague “Adnan Al Doulaimi” where we all heard and saw in our own eyes on the TV screen how he behaves as we are seeing a “Ommayyad” with all the characteristics of an “Ommayyad”

It is not strange that a reporter from “Al Baghdadia” channel welcomed the President of the United States with this subhuman style and he is the guest of Iraq and with him the elected Prime Minister. These people ( Al Baghdadia journalist) only understand the language that they used (throwing shoes at President Bush) because freedom and democracy are not for the murderers and animals from “Al Baghdadia” channel, and “Al Jazeera” channel, and thank you Hussnei Moubarak.. Thank you all the Arab Moukhabart (intelligence services) who thought that Iraq and its people are villagers from the villages of Kureish…you have been disappointed…what you have done to the honored guest of Iraq (President Bush) is nothing but a continuation of your history…but the new Iraq is free from this collar. Iraq is back to its legitimate owners. There is no place for murderers in the new Iraq. The genie is out of the bottle.

For the free word and for the dignity of the journalists, I send an invitation from this forum to each journalist who wants to keep journalism away from dirt, to denounce this act that is far from the manners and far from the good taste. From your information, the ex-lawyer of Saddam formed a team from one hundred lawyers to defend this journalist who is foreign to journalism and I call for the shutting down for “Al Baghdadia” channel which proved herself and those who work for her that they are a tool from the tools of division and murder.

For Lack Of Oxygen

Perhaps it was the altitude. After all, most folks have to adjust slowly to areas of low oxygen pressure. Obama is hardly any different, especially as one who’s fallen off the smoking wagon. Remember that the Civilan National Defense Force (CNDF) was to have the same budget as the DOD. Let’s pray that this one doesn’t get off the ground.